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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

First Official Job Salary has been delayed!!

Got the news from the hospital's administration department yesterday (29/11/11) that the new PRPs' (Provisionally Registered Pharmacists') salary will be delayed till nearing the Chinese New Year 2012! How unlucky our batch is:'( 

Firstly we had to wait for about 5 months after graduating to know our placements in the government hospitals. Now despite started to practise our profession, another disheartening news flew onto our 'doorstep'. *sigh* All my plans have to be postponed till the salary comes in by end of January, which I hope will be the latest time indeed.

For the time being, I shall be prodding my dad to support me till then@_@ Feel so irresponsible to do so, but have no choice as I wasted my 5 months practically doing nothing:P hehe...

On the bright side, our eventual salary will be triple the amount.. YAY!! for that, as it will be a huge amount... perhaps a 5-figure amount:-)  I suppose not too bad after all. As my TDM (Therapeutic Drug Monitoring) Pharmacist preceptor mentioned (unrelated to this matter) "There will be a silver-lining at the end of the darkest of tunnels"... 

Well, hope that I will feel like being born with a silver spoon by the end of January 2012! lol:D 

Good day folks:-)

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